Gut  Health Nutritionist

A motivational approach to support your gut health and nutrition goals….

1:1 Nutrition Consultations

As each person has a gut microbiome profile which is as unique as their fingerprint, working with a nutritionist on a 1:1 basis can be the best way to personalise nutrition advice to ensure that it is working for you and also fits into your current lifestyle. Our nutrition consultations are also tailor made to cover what is important to you and the area of your nutrition that you would like to work on.

All consultations are currently taking place on Zoom and start at £50 an hour. Contact me to discuss your goals and I can provide more details on how I can help. 

Technical Product Development

As I have spent 18 years working in the food industry developing new products for food brands, I have detailed knowledge of ingredients, developing products to meet specific nutritional criteria and scaling up recipes for factory suitability. My experience includes cold-formed snacks,  extruded and baked products. 

To tell me more about your project and for a discussion on how I can help, please book a free appointment. All work is quoted on a case by case basis. 


Nutrition Communications

Do you run a small business and would like nutrition advice from a registered nutritionist on an ad-hoc basis?

I can offer services such as:- 

Nutrition Analysis for Back of Pack Labels

Fact Sheets/Presentations

Fully Researched Articles and Blogs

Contact me to discuss your project further and I can provide more details on how I can help. 

”When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

Ayurvedic Proverb