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Recipe & Product Development

I am a qualified food scientist with over 18 years’ experience in new product development and also a Registered Associate Nutritionist with the AfN. I can develop a wide variety of recipes for your business which include a full nutritional breakdown. I also develop recipes for specialised diets which are free from gluten, dairy and added sugar.   

1 : 1 Online Consultations

How can a nutritionist help you?


Helping you to keep on track with your nutrition goals through frequent check-ins and ongoing support.


Your nutrition plan will be bespoke and designed to meet your goals taking into account your lifestyle.


We do not advocate restrictive diets and believe that all foods can be incorporated into a healthy and balanced diet.


With a bespoke plan we can take into account any food preferences and intolerances and swap in alternatives.


By teaching you how the food you consume is digested and utilised, we can help you make smarter choices.